Love is not Love without the person who Loves,
without the person who Loves there is no Love.
without Love there is no person to Love,
but with Love there is a person to Love.

to Love a person you think you Love,
is a mistake number one in the books of Love.
in the books of Love it quotes “do not Love”
“unless you’re Loved by the one you Love”

so search the world for that great Love,
‘n when you find it don’t fall inlove.
test their Love to be sure u’re Loved
then when you’re sure,be ready to Love.

we can’t stop Love when we start to Love,
so shower ur Lover with all your Love.
a small favour that you can do for Love,
is to return the Love of Your Great Love!


Tongue Twister Sms | Love is Complicated…
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