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Good Morning Status

The secret to living well and longer is:
Eat half, walk double,laugh triple
And love without mesure….

One great lesson I learned from my life.,
There is no market for your emotions,
So never advertise your feelings,
Just show your attitude…

Mausam iss kadar khumari me hai,
Mera sheher bhi kashmir hone ki taiyari me hai.

Sometimes I forgot to thank the people,
Who make my life happy in so many ways.
Sometime i forgot to tell them,
How much i really do appereciate them
For being an important part of my life,
So thank you all, just for being here for me.

Help is a very expensive gift.
So don’t expect it from it from averyone.
Because very few people are
“Rich by Heart”.
rest others only talk.

Eyes express the real feeling better than touch,
Touch shows the care better than words,
But words, If used properly can wet eyes,
And Touch the heart

Jisko jo kahna hai kahne do,
Apna kya jata hai,
Ye waqt waqt ki baat hai,
Aur waqt sabka ata hai.

Keep going.
Each step may be get harder,
But don’t stop.
The view is beautiful at the top.

The size of your problems is nothing
compared with your ability to solve them.
Don’t overestimate your problems
And understand yourself.

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