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No matter how rich you are,
And how many cars you own, you still have to
walk to your bed.”So be contented”.

No matter how bright or how intelligent you are,
You still need light in the dark “So be humble”.

Take it easy and count your blessings.
Value your family and Friends.
Keep moving on with your head,
Held high and smile always.

Everything comes to you at the right time.
Be patient….. .

If you know you can do better…
Then do better……

Think big, Believe big, Act big
And the results will be big….

Doubt is the enemy of the knowledge.

Distance never kills a relation.
Closeness never build a relation.
It’s the caring of one’s feelings that
Built faith and maintains a relation.

FEAR has two meanings.
– Forget Everything And Run.
– Face Everything And Rise
The choice is yours…

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