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When life gives you a hundred reasons,
To break down and cry,
Show life that you have a million reasons,
To smile and laugh

A ture relationship is when someone,
Accepts your past and,
Support your present.

Do not lower your STANDARDS to keep alone,
Make them meet you at your level.

Prem zidd se nahi kismat se milta hai,
Warna puri dunia ka malik
Apni radha ke bina nhi rahte.

Ghoda wahi pratham ata hai jis per koi anubhavi sawar hoo,
Pariwar wahi aage badhta hai jiska mukhiya samajhdaar ho.

Everything you need is already inside you.
Don’t wait for others to light your fire,
You have your own matches.

Never regret anything ,
That made you smile.

Jinhone apka sangharsh dekha hai,
Wahi apke sangharsh ki kimat jante hai,
Nahi to auroon ke liye aap sirf kismat wale hai.

Mat kar gurur apne aap par aye insan,
Pata nahi usne tere jaise kitno ko bana ke mita diya.

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